New Firs booklet in preparation! Can you help?

The Firs – A History of its Role in our Community.

The Firs was built in 1855 at the behest of a successful, Cambridge Solicitorby the name of Orlando Hyde. Described as a ‘very nice gentleman’s residence’, it was home to three further well-heeled families until purchased, in 1908, by Chivers and Sons Ltd. The company’s chairman, John Chivers, had plans for   “The Firs”. It was to become the home of the factory nursing staff and host a multitude of village and factory events. Over one hundred years laterthis building is still serving our community as a very busy Doctor’s surgery.

It is twenty eight years since the Village Society published its original history of the property. A new edition is planned. If you have any anecdotes, photographs (social events, factory nurses, other residents etc. ) or any other information please contact Mrs Barbara Parr 20, New School Rd Histon Telephone number  01223 233397email cats.cradle

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