Histon and Impington Village Society AGM

7.30pm Tuesday 28th January IVC Brackenbury Room

Denis Payne has been a Parish Councillor for 25 years, firstly with Impington Parish Council, and with Histon & Impington Parish Council since its creation in 2012. He was Chairman of Impington for many years, and was elected to be Chairman of the new Council for the first time in May 2019

He has been involved with planning in the villages since his earliest days with the Councils and was involved with the initial planning stages of Orchard Park. He sits on the Council’s Planning Committee, and has been involved with the Neighbourhood Plan and Village Design Statement.

Yvonne Murray joined the Parish Council in April 2019 and was voted into Vice Chair in November. She is looking forward to understanding more about what matters to residents and how the Parish Council can work together with you to keep Histon & Impington a place we all want to live.

All welcome