VE Day Celebrations 1945

VE day in H&I was not celebrated quite as fervently as in some other parts of the country because so many Cambridgeshire men were captured at Singapore by the Japanese. However we do have some pictures of the events.

This photo kindly donated by Margo Toliday shows the VE day celebrations street party in Saffron Road Histon.

This children’s VE Day party was held in June. They only had hours notice of the surrender in May and it took time to plan the events. Rationing meant the food available had to be carefully planned.


We have the names for the children in the dressing up party picture. From right to left clockwise Bob Tibbett, Angela Tolliday, Janita Ruff (?), Michael Carter, Joan Carter(?) Bridget Toms, Elizabeth Ansell.

VE day Parade through the villages.