Red Cross Staff 1914-1919

Surname First name Title Rank Hours and Particulars of duties
BACCUS Ada Mrs n/a 534    Helper & Cook
BAKER Arthur G. Mr Orderly 260    Night duties & drills
BARNES Hugh H. Mr Orderly 400    Night duties
BATSTONE Ethel Mrs VAD (G.S.) 360    General Duty and cooking
BEDINGFIELD Susan Mrs VAD member 5884  Surgery & ward work
BEDINGFIELD William Mr Orderly 1130  Night Duty and collector for tobacco fund
BENNETT May Miss VAD member 980    Ward & Surgery
BEVIS Edith Miss VAD member 1248  Cooking & Ward Duties
BIGGS Eva Miss VAD member 5323  Surgery & ward work
BIGGS Maud Louisa Mrs Cook 379    Cook
BIGGS Selina Mrs n/a 986    Cooking
BRETT Sarah Mrs n/a 1382  Cooking, cleaning and washing
BRETT Travis Mr Orderley 205    Night Duty
BROWN Ada Rachel Mrs VAD member 4424  Surgery and Ward Duties
BULL George Mr Orderly 260    Night Duty
BULLOCK Herbert H. Mr Orderly 800    Night Duty and Stretcher Bearer Instructor
BURKETT Winifred Sarah Miss VAD member 5824  Surgery and Ward Duties
BURKITT Millicent Miss VAD. member 240    Ward Duties
BUTLER Violet Miss n/a 200    Helper
BUTLER William Mr n/a           General Clearing up – for 3 years
CARPENTER Fred Mr Orderly 200    Night Duty
CARTER Charlotte Mrs n/a 1015  Cooking and Cleaning
CHANNEL Mary Anne Mrs n/a 1300  Cooking and Cleaning
CHARLES Elizabeth Mrs n/a 1017  Cooking and Cleaning
CHENERY Margaret Miss Trained Nurse 5520  Surgery Sister
CHRISTMAS Mabel Miss Nurse           Nurse
CHRISTMAS Mabel Miss VAD member 2000  Nurse
CLARY C. Mr Orderly 840    Night Duty and Drills
COLE Agnes Mrs n/a 148    Washing
COLLINGWOOD Katherine E Miss VAD member 5120  Surgery and Ward Duties
COOK(nee BIGGS) Myrtle Mrs VAD member 2000  Ward and Surgery
COOKE William Charles Rev. Chaplain 312    Prayers before breakfast
CORNELL Annie Mrs Cook 180    Cooking
CORNELL Florence Mrs n/a 530    Cooking and Household Duties
CRANE Eliza Miss VAD member 470    Ward  Duties
DAVIES Lewis Gwillim Mr Medical Officer 795    Medical Officer
DIVER Ethel Maud Mrs Cook 396    Cooking
DIVER Sarah Mrs VAD member 890    Surgery and Ward
FLAVELL Fred Mr Orderly 1050  Night Duty and Drills
FRENCH Edith Miss VAD member 4233  Surgery and Ward Duties
FRENCH Sissie Miss VAD member 2392  Surgery and Ward Duties
GAWTHROP Henry Mr Orderly 150    Night Duty
GAWTHROP Harry Mr Orderly 200    Night Duty
GAWTHROP Selia Mrs VAD member 2176  Surgery and Ward
GIFFORD Chris. Stanley Mr Orderly 400    Night Duty and writing notices
GRAHAM George Mr Orderly 310    Night Duty
HARDWICK Elizabeth Ann Mrs n/a 156    Washing
HEWES Esther Miss Trained Nurse 5200  Surgery Nurse
JONES Henry Mr Orderly 1100  Night Duty and Drill
KING Annie Mrs VAD Member 5860  Surgery and Ward Duties
KING Charles Mr Orderly 220    Night Duty
KNIGHTLEY Anne Mrs 205    Helper
KNIGHTLEY Joseph Mr Orderly 330    Night Duty and Drills
KNIGHTLEY Lilian M. Miss VAD Member 868    Ward Work
KNIGHTLEY Louisa Mrs 520    Cooking
LOVE Mabel Mrs n/a 790    Cooking
LOVE Robert Mr Orderly 210    Night Duty
MOORE Arthur Mr Orderly 260    Night Duty
MOORE Emma Mrs n/a 1170  Cooking
MOORE Grace Edith Miss VAD Member 910    Ward Duties
MOORE Helena Miss VAD Member 2840  Surgery and Ward Duties
MOORE Mary Mrs n/a 2030  Cooking and Cleaning
MOORE Sidney Mr Orderly 260    Night Duties and Drills
MUNCEY Percy Mr Orderly 320    Night Duty
NICE Elsie Mrs Cooking 1170  Cooking
NORMAN Ethel Miss 864    Helper
PAPWORTH Emily Mrs VAD member 560    Ward Work
PAPWORTH Mary Mrs n/a 100    Mending
PARKER Winifred Miss VAD member 1660  Ward Duties
PARKER Zillah Mrs n/a 357    Cooking
PECK Annie Mrs VAD Member 1972  Ward and Surgery
PETTIT Daisy Miss Helper 1009  Ward Work
PETTIT Gertrude Miss VAD Member 896    Ward Work
PETTIT James Mr Orderly           Night Duty
RICHMAN Frank Mr Orderly 260    Night Duty
ROGERS Arthur Thomas Mr Orderly 2000  Nt. Duty, Men’s Detach admin. etc
ROWLEY MBE Mary Mildred Miss Commandant ≥7000      Overall Commandant
ROWLEY Sidney Mr Commandant ≤1000     Commandant- Men’s detachment
ROWLEY Smith Howlett Mr            Financial and practical support
SAMUEL Agnes Mrs Helper 252     Ward duties
SAUNDERS Annie Mrs n/a 112     Mending
SAUNDERS Florence Miss Quartermaster 7920  Stores, Surgery and ward
SMITH Deborah Mrs n/a 1690  Cooking
SMITH Esther Mrs n/a 200    Washing
SMITH Richard W. Mr Orderly 200    Night Duty
SMITH Robert Chaplain Chaplain 312    Morning prayers before breakfast
STEARN Charles Mr Orderly 250    Night duty and drills
SWANNEL Martha Mrs n/a 884    Cooking
TAYLOR Leonora Miss VAD member 1040  Ward Duties
THOMPSON Violet Mrs VAD member 2496  Ward Duties
TOATES Alice Mrs n/a 540    Cooking and Washing
TOATES Elsie Miss n/a 160    Helper
TODD Albert E. Mr Orderly 1710  Night Duties, Drills etc
TOLLIDAY John Stanley Mr Orderly 240    Night Duty
TOLLIDAY Kitty Miss Asst. Quart. 5884  Stores, Surgery and ward
UNWIN Alice Mrs n/a 175    Washing and Cleaning
UNWIN Arthur Mr Orderly 500    Night Duty, Drills etc. & Bath Attendant
UNWIN Chas. W. Mr Orderly 600    Night Duty
UNWIN Lily Miss V.A.D. Member 2002  Surgery & Ward Duties
VIALLS Albert Mr Orderly 200    Night Duty
VIALLS Aubrey Mr Orderly 235    Night Duty
VIALLS Percy Mr Orderly 230    Night Duty
WAKEFIELD Harry Mr Orderly 250    Night Duty
WAKEFIELD Henry Mr Orderly 240    Night Duty
WALLIS Annie Mrs n/a 250    Cooking
WARREN Eliza Mrs G. S. member 3642  Unknown
WATERS Frederick Mr Orderly 350    Night Duty
WHITE Edward Mr Orderly 220    Night Duty
WHITEHEAD H.L. Mr Orderly 1100  Night Duty and Drills
WIGHT Stewart Mr Masseur 474    Masseur
WILSON Elsie Kate Miss VAD Member 380    Surgery and Ward Work
WILSON Thomas Mr Orderly 260    Night Duty and Drills
WOLFE Elizabeth Mrs n/a 850    Cooking
WOLFE John Wesley Mr Orderly 1850  Night Duty & Drills