The Parishes of Histon & Impington

This is an extract from the series 1 OS 6″ (1:10,560) mapping made available by Landmark Information. They have made this scale of mapping available free (for non-commercial use), more details available on the old maps website.

The Parishes of Histon & Impington

The Parishes of Histon & Impington

The Cambridge-St Ives railway line can be seen clearly crossing the map. The Impington Mill (marked “corn”) is just above the “M” in Impington. Whilst the general shape of the villages is visible, much of that is fields and orchards.

Note that there is no development in Impington south of the railway line, and the whole of the Histon Manor Park area is also still open fields.

This image is a subset of a collage from 6 tiles downloaded from the Landmark site, then reduced.
The six component images are available, each approximately 110K:

North West Histon and Impington

North West

North East Histon and Impington

North East

West Histon and Impington


East Histon and Impington


South West Histon and Impington

South West

South East Histon and Impington

South East

Landmark Information Group and Crown Copyright 2000 (OS)


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