Big Dig Talk – hear about the ancient past of our villages

Thursday the 20th of October at 7:30pm

Histon Baptist Church

Admission Free

Come to hear a talk on the findings from this years BIG DIG.  Individual reports from the various digs can be found on the big dig section of the website



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Archaeology Group Big Dig Weekend – August 2016

A very productive weekend not only took our tally of test pits to 28 but revealed the original Anglo-Saxon locations of both Histon and Impington, showed the reduction in arable cultivation after the Black Death, the emparkment of the Impington Hall estate and even gave us our first Roman coin !

Read the full report on the August Big Dig weekend


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Autumn Programme



Meetings usually take place at 7.30pm on the last Tuesday of the month, in term time, at Impington Village College, in the Brackenbury Room.  In the Spring Term an afternoon meeting is held on a Monday at 2.30pm in the Baptist Church. Membership is £10 per annum, and visitors are welcome at £3 per person, per meeting.


                              Programme Autumn/Winter 2016


Tuesday 27th September


Louise Milbourn: A very different war
Tuesday 18th October


Horry Parsons: Building Bury St Edmunds Cathedral Tower. Part 2
Tuesday 29th November


Dr David Oates: Finding features on the Flat Fen edge
Tuesday 6th December


Christmas lunch. Members only


Publications and notelets are available

from the Publications Officer 01223 232744 and from Histon Library



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JULY 16-17 BIG DIG 2016 Archeology Project

JULY 16-17 BIG DIG 2016 Archeology Project

Volunteers and hosts alike showed no reduction in enthusiasm and enjoyment in our fourth digging adventure – graced again by ideal weather. Our grateful thanks to those who made us all so welcome and for the much appreciated hot and cold drinks and the nibbles. We dug five test pits and again got further insight into what lies under the ground in Histon and Impington.

There is just one final dig this year on August the 6th and 7th!

The report is now available here JULY 16-17 BIG DIG 2016 Archeology Project

(pdf version is also available on the page for download)



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June 2016 BIG DIG Archeology Project

Our volunteers enjoyed a fine and very sociable weekend – no rain and not too hot.  Many thanks indeed to everyone who kindly hosted a test pit and made us all so welcome.  The many cups of tea and coffee, the cakes, biscuits and hot bacon butties ensured a productive couple of days.


The full story of the June 2016 BIG DIG can be found in our archeology event section where we will provide full coverage of all digs.


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New Firs booklet in preparation! Can you help?

The Firs – A History of its Role in our Community.

The Firs was built in 1855 at the behest of a successful, Cambridge Solicitorby the name of Orlando Hyde. Described as a ‘very nice gentleman’s residence’, it was home to three further well-heeled families until purchased, in 1908, by Chivers and Sons Ltd. The company’s chairman, John Chivers, had plans for   “The Firs”. It was to become the home of the factory nursing staff and host a multitude of village and factory events. Over one hundred years laterthis building is still serving our community as a very busy Doctor’s surgery.

It is twenty eight years since the Village Society published its original history of the property. A new edition is planned. If you have any anecdotes, photographs (social events, factory nurses, other residents etc. ) or any other information please contact Mrs Barbara Parr 20, New School Rd Histon Telephone number  01223 233397email cats.cradle

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May 2016 BIG DIG Archeology Project

Your committee are pleased to announce that over 80 people came to enjoy taking part in an extremely successful May BIG DIG on a fine and mostly sunny weekend. We excavated eight test pits – all surprisingly different in character, emphasizing the varied archaeology and geology underlying the villages and the desirability of getting to understand it better.  Interesting finds were made of all periods from Bronze Age and Roman, with a wide selection of medieval pottery and later glazed and Victorian items.

Park Lane

The full story of the May big dig 2016 can be found in our archaeology event section where we will provide full coverage of the digs.

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