The Village society have produced a series of cards that are available from Histon Library and by post from Joyce Horkley. You can contact Joyce using the contact form here.

Streetscapes cards £1.00 each

These cards are prints of pen and ink drawings of streets in Histon and Impington by Alan Eade

Above is No. 4 showing The north side of the Green in the 1880’s. On the back of each card are notes detailling the history of the individual houses.

Also available are

No. 1 showing the east end of the Green c.1925 featuring the Rose and Crown Pub

No. 2 showing the east end of Chequers Lane (Station Road) from no. 69 to 83 c.1890 featuring The Limes and Woodcock House

No. 3 showing The south side of the Green c.1897 featuring Brook Cottage

No. 5 showing The north side of School Hill featuring the Church School and the beginning of Park Lane

Histon Historical Perspectives card

The junction of  Narrow Lane, Windmill Lane and Church Street

Price £1.00

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Once the railway was opened in 1847, Station and Cambridge Roads became the focus for village expansion. In 1806 there was nothing but open fields and the windmill. In 1877 a bill of sale advertised land for housing development. By 1886 there was the ‘Railway Vue’, fifty eight new homes and, of course, the massive jam works. Visitors from all over the world saw the area with its orchards, pasture, strawberry fields and young plantations, as a wonderful and healthy location for such an industry. To read more on Impington follow the links

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