Station and Cambridge Roads, Impington

Once the railway was opened in 1847, Station and Cambridge Roads became the focus for village expansion. In 1806 there was nothing but open fields and the windmill. In 1877 a bill of sale advertised land for housing development. By 1886 there was the ‘Railway Vue’, fifty eight new homes and, of course, the massive jam works. Visitors from all over the world saw the area with its orchards, pasture, strawberry fields and young plantations, as a wonderful and healthy location for such an industry. To read more on Impington follow the links

Histon and St Etheldreda

Recent discussion has centred on whether the care home in Histon should be Etheldred House – its actual name – or perhaps it should be Etheldreda House. Eleanor Whitehead has carefully examined the claims of the three King Etheldreds of the Anglo-Saxon period, but they don’t appear to have come near the place.

We did, however, have in the village the site of the ancient church of Histon St Etheldreda which was demolished by Sir Francis Hynde in 1599. He used the materials mainly to extend Madingley Hall, whilst some more have gradually re-appeared built into cottages scattered around Histon.

It is a fascinating question to examine why Histon was involved with St Etheldreda in the first place and to find that there is indeed a very real connection. To read the whole article please follow the link

Histon and Impington Prepare For World War II

By May 1938, Air Raid Wardens had been appointed and they were attending lectures on anti-gas precautions. Early on, it had been decided that the whole population would be issued with gas masks and Histon and Impington were amongst the first in the county to begin a house to house census on the number of gas respirators required.

The photo shows 1944 Histon and Impington Air Raid Wardens at Impington Village College.

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Sutton Hoo

Sutton Hoo, is the National Trust’s archaeological site near Woodbridge in Suffolk. The presenter Pete Carter has been a volunteer and museum guide at Sutton Hoo for more than five years. In the talk Pete describes the Anglo-Saxon cemetery on the Sutton Hoo estate and tells the story of how the famous Ship Burial, believed to be that of the 7th Century East Anglian King Rædwald, was discovered in 1939.

Some of the personalities involved with the dig are covered, as well as how the archaeology revealed an astonishing wealth of material, a find of unique importance in English history. An explanation is given of how the grave goods and treasures found in the excavations cast a bright light into the Dark Ages, and in doing so substantially broadened our understanding of the society of the time. There will be replica objects to look at and time for questions.

Pete specialises in Sutton Hoo’s history and artefacts, and has developed a particular interest in the overall context of the middle Saxon period, several hundred years during which English society was progressing from a comparatively disorganised patchwork of sparring tribes to what we now recognise as a single nation state.


Want to know about the history of Histon and Impington?


Son et Lumière

In March 2010, the Histon & Impington Village Society put on a special Son et Lumière (literally Sound and Light) show. This told the stories of Histon and Impington over the centuries, from the earliest times until present day. Find out about about village life, but not always too seriously, down through the ages, performed by village actors in front of projected images with dramatic lighting and pre-recorded sound. This includes the Romans, Medieval times, the Pepys family of Impington Hall, the coming of the railway, the effect of Chivers, two World Wars and ending with Histon Football Club (the Stutes) beating Leeds United in the FA Cup in January 2009.

The DVD includes children from the village schools singing and dancing as part of the original live action and well known local faces.

Now, on the 10th anniversary, the Village Society is showing the DVD of the Son et Lumière made in 2010, for one night only on Tuesday 10th March at 7.30pm in Histon Baptist Church.. There are only 250 tickets available for sale at £5 each (£3 for children), available in advance from the Saint Andrew’s Centre or Daisy Chain in Histon. Any remaining tickets will be available on the door.

Copies of the DVD will be available for sale on the night.

Solving the Housing Problem

Histon and Impington Village Society talk

7.30pm Tuesday 25th February at IVC Brackenbury Room.

Solving the Housing Problem

The talk is about why there was a housing crisis after the First World War and one rather unusual way of solving it, at least on a temporary basis. The emphasis is mainly on Linton Rural District Council but with examples from Chesterton Rural District Council, particularly Histon, and the intention is to encourage others to look for examples from their own area and record them.
The poster shows both the outside and inside of a railway cottage at Histon.

Janet Morris is a founder member and long-time secretary of West Wickham & District Local History Club. She is also a former secretary and current Council member of Cambridge Antiquarian Society and is on the editorial board of the Cambridgeshire Association for Local History Review.

For further information on the village Society contact Wendy Doyle


Histon and Impington Village Society AGM

7.30pm Tuesday 28th January IVC Brackenbury Room

Denis Payne has been a Parish Councillor for 25 years, firstly with Impington Parish Council, and with Histon & Impington Parish Council since its creation in 2012. He was Chairman of Impington for many years, and was elected to be Chairman of the new Council for the first time in May 2019

He has been involved with planning in the villages since his earliest days with the Councils and was involved with the initial planning stages of Orchard Park. He sits on the Council’s Planning Committee, and has been involved with the Neighbourhood Plan and Village Design Statement.

Yvonne Murray joined the Parish Council in April 2019 and was voted into Vice Chair in November. She is looking forward to understanding more about what matters to residents and how the Parish Council can work together with you to keep Histon & Impington a place we all want to live.

All welcome