1.Publications Group– Group leader: Alan Eade Brook House, School Hill, Histon tel 232296

This group has been formed to coordinate the production, marketing and sales of the Society’s publications. It would gladly welcome new members.

2.  History Group – joint leaders Jane Gilmour 01223 234176 and Eleanor Whitehead 01223 234502.


Archive – Eleanor Whitehead 01223 234502.

Memories – Project Geoffrey Smallwood 01223 234258

WWI associated projects – Geoffrey Small wood, Eleanor Whitehead or Jane Gilmour 01223 234176

Archive photographs and village memorabilia are collected by this group who meet three times a year to report on work done. Members pursue individual projects, record village events and changes of scene and publish booklets and books on local history. Other activities include displays, talks, assistance to interested parties and maintenance of a newspaper archive started in 1980. Archive contents list on email request through website.

Current Research Undertaken by Members

  1. Pepys Terrace. Completed
  2. ………Memories project.
  3. Preparation of four publications featuring Recollections of Life of H&I Residents during WW1, Histon Station, Chivers and Sons and Alice Paige is ongoing.
  4. A report on the work of the Histon and Impington Archaeology Group’s BIG DIG project has been published and is available at Histon library.
  5. Digitisation of 1572 Crosswell Field, Impington Terrier has been completed with the assistance of U3A.
  6. Digitisation of 1911 H&I Land Tax Records is ongoing.
  7. WW1 Red Cross Hospital and Veteran Rolls of Honour are near completion and will be framed forthwith. Copies of WW1 H&I Veteran Roll of Honour will be available at the Feast Market in July 2018.
  8. Research updates prepared for ‘The Firs’, ‘St Andrew’s Church, Histon’ and ‘Cheers’ have been completed.
  9. Preparation of the script, recordings and illustrations for the H&I Veteran Voices of WW1 presentation is ongoing. To be completed for public showing on 9th and 10th of November 2018.

NEW MEMBERS VERY WELCOME Please contact Jane Gilmour directly.

3. Projects Group. Contact Alan Eade, see Publications Group above.

Early projects included the restoration of the wrought iron surround to the Blacksmith’s Grave, the circular George V Jubilee seat at School Hill (subsequently replaced by Histon Parish Council), the Histon Giant’s grave and the Pump on Histon Green. In July 2009, as part of the Society’s 30th anniversary celebrations, a plaque to commemorate the site of the former Impington Hall and its connection with Percheron Close was unveiled.
A further plaque was unveiled on Impington Lane commemorating William Unwin, Seedsman in 2012 as part of the Feast celebrations.

Led by the H&I PC Environmental Group work continues on the agricultural lift pump at New Road Recreation Ground.

4.  Environmental Group     Until recently this Group concerned themselves with the preservation of open green spaces, the preservation and marking of Public Rights of Way and keeping a watching brief on Planning Applications as well as formulating responses, where appropriate. In conjunction with the Cambridgeshire County Council Rural Group, a Beating the Bounds leaflet was published, which was distributed to all local households. Public Footpath map-boards were designed and commissioned for Histon and Impington and set up in three prominent locations. The Group reforms as needed. It organised a successful 12 km Country Walk as part of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. At the request of the newly formed Histon and Impington Parish Council Planning Sub-committee, a document listing and describing properties of architectural and/or historical interest within the villages was compiled. Digital copies are available from our Secretary.


2 Responses to Groups

  1. Victoria Teager says:

    Hello. My 2nd great aunt was alice paige. I would love to have contact with eleanor whitehead.

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