Meetings usually take place at 7.30pm on the last Tuesday of the month, in term time, at Impington Village College, in the Brackenbury Room.  In the Spring Term an afternoon meeting is held. Membership is £12 per annum from the AGM, and visitors are welcome at £3 per person, per meeting. Visitors to the AGM are free.           

Tuesday October 30th  7.30pm  Proctors, Bulldogs and Constables and Councillors (follow the link for more information)
Friday 9th and Saturday 10th November 2018 at 7.30 pm at St Andrew’s Centre, Histon World War One Voices of Histon & Impington (link for more information)

Publications and notelets are available

from the Publications Officer 01223 232744 and from Histon Library

 Barbara Parr 01223 233397

Past Events


Tuesday March 27th Vanessa Mann: Social and family history research through early postcards, with particular reference to Histon and Impington.
Tuesday April 24th Museum of Technology: past, present and future
Tuesday 22nd May 



Anne Datson: The History of Gilbert and Sullivan: their lives, music and poetry with excerpts of music.
Tuesday 26th June Judy Wilson: Some notable Cambridge shops: Matthew’s, Heffers, Robert Sayle’s. Eaden Lilley’s … just some of the family firms supplying Cambridge residents and University in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Tuesday January 30th 2018
AGM Visitors free
Tuesday February 27th 2018
A presentation by representatives of our Parish Council
Monday March 12th 2.30pm at the Baptist Church 2018
John Savill: The History of Punch and Judy, from its Italian beginnings to the present, including a live show.
Tuesday September 26th 2017
Duncan Mackay: The history of Mackays
Tuesday October 31st 2017
Richard Fletcher: How Bill Tutte won the war: the Bletchley Park code breakers
Tuesday November 28th 2017
Prof. Mike McCarthy: The history of Cambridgeshire accents and dialects
Tuesday December 5th 2017
Members’ Christmas lunch