Impington Village Sign

This is sited at the junction of New Road and the B.1049 Bridge Road, near the Recreation Ground. It was officially unveiled in November 1979.

It was designed by and painted by Ray Malmstrom who was, until his retirement, Head of Art at the Village College. Mr Malmstrom is also well known as a designer of model aircraft.

The sign includes the crests of two families associated with the village. On the left side the Burgoyne family crest (a silver dog on a red ground) and on the right the Pepys family crest (two horses heads with 3 fleur de lys between)

The sign is divided in two by the Tree of Knowledge.

Left hand side - depicts the past
depicts the past

And shows a Benedictine monk.. The manor of Impington was given to the Benedictine Monastery in 991 and funds from Impington were used towards making books for their library at Ely.

Sheep farming which was important in the area in former centuries.

The Parish Church of St Andrew, parts of which date from the 13th century.

Right hand side - depicts the future
depicts the future

It shows two adults and two children in front of the Impington Village College, which provides education opportunities for the whole community, adults as well as children.

The Village College was designed in 1938 by Walter Gropius and Maxwell Fry.

Impington Village Sign

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