Land of the Abbot of Ely.

MANOR. Epintone (Impington) answers for six hides and a half. There is land to six ploughs. Three hides and a half are in the demesne, and there is half a plough there, and one plough and a half may be made. There is one villane and seven borders with two ploughs, and two may be made. There are seven cottagers, and one bondman; meadow for two ploughs. It is and was worth forty shillings; in the time of King Edward eight pounds. This manor lies, and always laid, in the demesne of the Church of Ely.

Land of Picot, sheriff of Cambridge.

Walter holds of Picot three hides and a half in Epintone (Impington). There is land to three ploughs, and they are there with four borders and four cottagers; meadow for one plough. In the whole it is worth sixty shillings; when received, fifty shillings; in the time of King Edward, four pounds. Three sokemen held this land of the Abbot of Ely. Two of these had one virgate and a half; they might sell it, but the soke remained to the Abbot. But the third had two hides and one virgate; but he could not sell it

Definitions used:

  • Hide – Reckoned in the Domesday Book to be about 120 fiscal acres
  • Virgate – One quarter of a hide
  • Hundred – Administrative district whose assembly of notables and village representatives usually met once a month
  • Plough – Usually a plough team with 8 oxen and a plough

For more information, see the Domesday Book

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